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As an innovative project Rolling Hostel
is supported and sponsored by the Chilean government

- Tailor made travels -

You are eager to discover new horizons with Rolling Hostel, but you don’t like to travel with an unfamiliar group. You prefer to explore with your own friends or family? You would like to travel with your company or organization? Rolling Hostel offers you that possibility.

Whether it’s a tour with your friends or family, a thematic tour, a tour with your organization or an incentive tour with a special character, depending on your wishes and budget we will make up a special design. Sharing your ideas with our knowledge and experience your tour will become an amazing experience.

There are lots of possibilities as the Rolling Hostel can bring you anywhere you want. Traveling on board of the Rolling Hostel gives you the possibility to enter more abandoned natural environments and to overnight besides glacial mountain lakes, volcanic geyser fields or in the middle of the desert.

Minimum group size: 10 persons.


Call us or send us an e-mail or letter with your specific plans. The preparation of our tailor made tours take time, so try to deliver your request in time. Things that we certainly like to know include:

- Which country/countries?
- Which region?
- Which period?
- Number of days?
- Number of persons and who (mention ages and interests)?
- Which opportunity/purpose?
- Short description of what you would like to include in your tour.
- Meals (high class restaurants, mid class restaurants, self-cooking, or a combination?)
- Lodging (hotels, hostels, Rolling Hostel/camping, or a combination?)
- What is the budget per person (excluding international flights)?

Based on this information we will make up a first offer. That offer will serve as a basis for a conversation in which we conclude the final tour plan.

See contact for e-mail and postal adresses.