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As an innovative project Rolling Hostel
is supported and sponsored by the Chilean government



-Altiplano-Atacama L-


•  21 days
•  May-October
•  Chile and Bolivia
• Minimum Group Size: 5
Maximum Group Size: 15
• Lodging: Rolling hostel (70%) - Hostels (30%)
• Good physical condition - adventurous spirit - open mind - camping experience advisable


[ ITINERARY from north to south*]
1. Santiago      
2. Arica B Our Rolling Hostel experience starts in Arica, the “ciudad de la eterna primavera” (city of eternal spring). We explore the highlights and all those unknown corners of the Chilean Altiplano (high plateau).
Discover snow-capped volcanoes and some of the world’s highest mountain lakes in Lauca National Park. Explore bleached-white salt flats and dream beside lakes speckled pink with flamingos. Walk along hurds of grazing lamas, alpacas and vicuñas. Visit tiny whitewashed churches and native Aymara communities.
3. Putre/PN Lauca B,L
4. Putre/PN Lauca B,L,D
5. Iquique B,L Experience paragliding and discover the coast city Iquique, capital of the region. Discover the surroundings of Pica, with the Pintados Geoglyphs and taste the exotic fruits taken directly from the oasis gardens.
6. Pica B,L,D
8. San Pedro B,L San Pedro is situated at 2450 meters above sea level at the north side of the great Salar (salt flat) de Atacama.
Do some hiking, horseback riding, mountainbike and sand board in the middle of worlds driest desert. Visit Inca fortresses, lakes and lagoons in the middle of the salt flat. Enjoy the thermal baths of Puritama and explore the surroundings of this mystic village. See the sun setting in the amazing Valley of the Moon. Admire by sunrise the Tatio volcanic geyser field where water and steam spring up violently from deep inside the earth.
Explore in 4 days the amazing Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.
Visit the port city of Antofagasta, a strategic place for the nitrate market at the beginning of the last century. Visit the millenary geological formation of the Portada, and admire how nature made this arc in a period of thousands of years.
9. San Pedro B,L
10. Salar de Uyuni B,L,D
11. Salar de Uyuni B,L,D
12. Salar de Uyuni B,L,D
13. San Pedro B,L
14. San Pedro B,L
15. Antofagasta B,L,D
PN Pan de Azúcar

Norte Chico (Small North) is a zone of big contrasts between the coastal area with its white sands and beaches, the desert and the fertile valleys.
Make a boat trip and admire pinguin and sea lion colonies in Pan de Azucar National Park. Explore deserted islands (Isla Damas, Isla Pan de Azucar), hidden bays (Punta Choros) and endless beaches. Snorkel with dolphins. Enjoy the beach life, barbecue and campfires. Explore the lush, deeply rural Elqui Valley, known for its pisco (brandy-like liquor). Discover the universe in one of worlds most important astronomical observatories.

PN Pan de Azúcar
18. Punta Choros/
Isla Damas
19. Punta Choros/
Isla Damas
Valle Elqui
21. Santiago B,L,D  

PN: National Park | RN: National Reserve | : Hostel | : Rolling Hostel
: Chile | : Bolivia

Meals included in the price: breakfast (B), sandwich lunch (L), evening meal (D)

This tour can be from:
- north to south (day 2: flight Santiago-Arica)
- south to north (day 21: flight Arica-Santiago)

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  Activities included in the price
(all the national park entrances are also included in the price)


•  Excursions in/around PN Lauca:
  - Aymara villages: Parinacota, Zapahuira, Codpa day 3-5
  - Lagunas Cotacotani / Lago Chungara day 4
  - Termas de Jurasi (hot springs) day 4
Excursions around Pica:
  - Geoglyphs day 8

Excursions around de San Pedro de Atacama:

  - Valle de la Luna (salt caves, huge dune formations) day 8
  - PN Los Flamencos - Termas de Puritama (hot springs)
day 9

•  Exploration tour (4 dias) of Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)

day 10-13

•  Boat trips: PN Pan de Azucar, Punta Choros

day 17,19

  Optional activities
(with indication of local prices, payment in pesos chilenos):
Paragliding (duo flight- 45 EUR) IQAIRUS Iquique day 6
Azapa Museum (2 EUR) day 2
Activities around San Pedro de Atacama:
  - Geysers del Tatio (termal geysers at +4000 m) (30 EUR) day 14
  - Horse riding (25 EUR) day 14
  - Mountainbike (10 EUR) day 9
  - Sand board (15 EUR) day 14
  - Volcano climbing (+5000 m) (70 EUR) day 14
Activities in Valle Elqui:
  - visit astronomic observatory (5 EUR) day 20
  - visit pisco factory (5 EUR) day 20
Snorkeling (EUR) day 19

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